Must Visit Places in Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu is a fascinating place in the southern part of India. Culturally rich in its Dravidian heritage, it has a number of beaches, temples and cities that are renowned worldwide. 

The most important of Tamil Nadu’s cities include, Chennai, the capital of the state. Chennai is known for its famous Marina beach which is the second longest beach in Asia. Another famous city is Madurai that holds one of the most famous temples of India, Shri Meenakshi temple; the chief export hub of India, Tuticorin. Lastly, Kanyakumari that is said to be the ending tip of our country, that sees the bordering of Arabian Sea and Indian Ocean. 

There are a lot of famous temples in other parts of Tamil Nadu as well, like the Darasuram Temple in Kumbakonam, Jambukeswarar Temple in tiruchirappali, and Ramnathaswamy temple in Rameswaram. Besides temples there are many other options you can try, like sea surfing. Tamil Nadu has around 1000 kilometers of sun-kissing beaches. Also, Tamil Nadu holds hill stations like Kodaikanal, Munnar and Ooty, where the weather is very cool and pleasing.

The best time to visit Tamil Nadu is from October to March. 

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