Vaikundarajan’s Favorite Team Switzerland Defeat Honduras

Vaikundarajan’s favourite team Switzerland wins by 3-0 against Honduras. With a hat trick by Xerdan Shaqiri, the Swiss team was led to victory into the ticket knock out round. Watch to find out the details about the match.

S.Vaikundarajan Is Worried About Iraq’s Future

Iraq War
“Problems  seem to keep on increasing for the residents of Iraq” says S.Vaikundarajan thinking about the current happenings in Iraq. According to the recent news Sunni rebels in Iraq say they have fully captured the country's main oil refinery at Baiji, north of Baghdad. The refinery had been under siege for 10 days with the militant offensive being repulsed several times. The complex supplies a third of Iraq's refined fuel and the battle has already led to petrol rationing. Insurgents, led by the group Isis, have overrun a swathe of territory north and west of Baghdad including Iraq's second-biggest city, Mosul.

They are bearing down on a vital dam near Haditha and have captured all border crossings to Syria and Jordan. A rebel spokesman said the Baiji refinery, in Salahuddin province, would now be handed over to local tribes to administer. Looking at the current situation of the crisis, its really breath-taking for everybody. Things are difficult but S.Vaikundarajn prays for the well being of all the residents of the country and hopes that the crisis ends soon.

An Unending Terrorism In Iraq S.Vaikundarajan’s Views

S.Vaikundarajan is sad at the fact that there is still a part of the world where terrorism is at its best. There is still a place where people are unhappy and unsafe. As Islamic militants continue their murderous advance across Iraq, they have a new target in their sights: the city of Baquba, less than 40 miles north of Baghdad. The Baquba officials told CNN that ISIS is moving in on the western side of Baquba and that villages just west of the city, as well as some areas in western Baquba, are under ISIS control. Some families, mainly Shiite, are fleeing that side of the city, the officials said. The residents there are moving deeper into Baquba or leaving the city altogether to escape the looming violence.

Heavy clashes between Iraqi security forces and ISIS militants ensued, leaving at least one Iraqi security force member and nine militants dead, according to the Baquba officials.At least 44 prisoners in the jail at the Al Wahda police station were also killed, though there were conflicting reports as to how. Two police officials in Baquba told CNN the prisoners were killed after ISIS militants fired four mortar rounds on the prison. But a health official and a police official claimed that most of the prisoners were shot in the head and chest, and that none showed signs of having been killed in explosions.

Fifa 2014, South Korea And Russia Draws at 1-1: Vaikundarajan

South Korea Vs Russia
It looked a lot like Russia goalkeeper Igor Akinfeev was going to be the goat of this match. He allowed a goal in the 68th minute that, frankly, should not have gotten through, but Aleksandr Kerzhakov was able to answer just a few minutes later to get Akinfeev off the hook said Vaikundarajan

This is a game that Russia needed to solidify their chances of moving through. But long stretches of uninspired play kept the Russians from positioning themselves well in Group H.Earlier, Belgium beat Algeria 2-1 to jump to the head of the group. The game was mostly dry, with flashes of excitement primarily in the second half. South Korea struck first when Chung-Yong Lee's shot from distance slipped through Akinfeev's fingers.Russia answered shortly thereafter, but neither team could put together a solid attack in the final 20 minutes.Below is the blow-by-blow of Tuesday's match.

Both sides have had issues leading up to the Cup. For Russia, it's the injury to star midfielder Roman Shirokov, who was lost to a back injury. For South Korea it has been mostly subpar play shares Vaikundarajan.

S.Vaikundarajan Expresses His Happiness On Michael Schumacher Coming Out Of Coma

Michael Schumacher, the legend, is out of coma..!!” says S.Vaikundarajan rejoicing over this news. 16th June, 2014 would be remembered by everyone, as Michael Schumacher fought the battle of life and came out victorious.

Nobody Can Replace The Real Heroes Vaikundarajan Take On The Nike Football Ad

Nike Ad
Football, a fever that every individual has and the best part is that this fever is enjoyed by everybody. The stereotypical thought that football is only for boys has changed in today’s time. This game is not only enjoyed by men but also by children and even women. “It is very obvious that the master of the trade know all the tricks and tactics to achieve success in his field. This same thought is applied in the field of football as well. Nobody can replace these Real Heroes” says S Vaikundarajan expressing his love and respect for the game and the players.

This thought came to his mind after he saw the latest Nike Ad “Nike Football: The Last Game Ft. Ronaldo, Neymar Jr. Rooney, Zlatan, Iniesta & more”. The thought behind this ad has been beautifully conceptualized by the company. The ad begins with how the kids in a locality play in the same way as the real players play on football ground. Later the scene changes to a comparison mode where a mad talks about how risk averted is this game when played by human beings and to do away with this issue he has created clones of the players, where the winning rate is high.  But this was not accepted by the real players, so they challenged the clones for a match and won the game. This clear proves that the masters in this field and no one can mess with them.

S.Vaikundarajan’s view on Salman Khan’s Upcoming Movie

Salman Khan’s movies have always lived up to the fans expectation” says S. Vaikundarajan. This Eid Salman comes up with his new movie KICK also featuring Jacqueline Fernandez, Randeep Hooda.

Even before the movie posters and trailers were released, the movie had already created buzz in the market. All his fans eagerly wait for the movie release i.e. 25th July, 2014 says Vaikundarajan.

Mumbai Metro: A Ride of Happiness S.Vaikundarajan Views

Mumbai Metro
“Finally a sigh of relief for all the Mumbaikars” says S.Vaikundarajan on the inauguration of Mumbai Metro. Inaugurated by the Maharashtra Chief Minister, Prithviraj Chavan, Mumbai’s very first metro line was declared open at 10.16 am when Maharashtra Chief Minister took the first ride from Versova station to Ghatkopar. Unlike the regular Mumbai stations, the Metro stations are very different. On most of the station walls, ticket counters there are graffiti drawn that makes the station looks attractive.

Apart from the attractive and youthful stations and ticket counter, it is also technology and human friendly. When I say technology friendly, the use of smart cards and tokens reduces the tension of the commuters to stand in long lines to buy tickets and when I say human friendly, it can be connected with the number of people commuting in a metro compartment at a particular time. This way there will be limited number of travelers at a time at the same time giving them space to breath inside the compartment and not allowing any to climb on the roof-top. The Mumbai Metro has brought in a huge change in the lives of each and every Mumbai commuter.

Vaikundarjan states Tejpal’s Bail To Be Extended

The former novelist and the Chief Editor of Tehlka magazine who was accused for the rape got a sigh of relief when Supreme Court extended his bail till 27th June. This was sentenced so that he could perform last rituals concerning to his mother's demise says Vaikundarajan.

The bench of justices JS Khehar and C Nagappan asked the Goa government's counsel who objected to the extension. Goa state lawyer pass on to Tejpal's behavior in jail and spoke that there are possibilities that Tejpal can influence witnesses for the case if the time gets extended. The bench has accepted the compliance of Tejpal's recommends of  Salman Khurshid and Pramod Kumar Dubey that as he is the eldest in the family, it’s important for Tejpal to be present and perform "shanti pooja" says Vaikundarajan

Salman Khurshid had come for Tejpal and stated that it was essential for him to perform the ceremony for his mother as he missed the last rites which were held on May 19.Khurshid confirmed the act, if any, committed by his Tepal wasn’t violent added Vaikundarajan.

Telagana Declared As India’s 29th State Says Vaikundarajan

A new event added to the history of India. After years of appeals Telangana was declared as new state of the country. Vaikundarajan states that K Chandrashekhar Rao, the chief of Telangana Rashtra Samiti who was the first to initiate the moment will be the first chief minister of the state.

The demand for the separate Telegue state was there present in the minds of the people. After decades the voice of the people were heard and with new government emerging the state too emerged. Due to various issues faced by the then Congress government had merged Andhra with the Telegue speaking areas for their political interests. With the linguistic basis of states the language is being assumed as the pointer of a homogeneous culture of the state might get challenged added Vaikundarajan.

There are several preparation are going under way to officially announce the 29th state of the country. The chief minister K Chandrashekhar Rao promises a bright future for the people of the state both in rural and urban areas.