An Unending Terrorism In Iraq S.Vaikundarajan’s Views

S.Vaikundarajan is sad at the fact that there is still a part of the world where terrorism is at its best. There is still a place where people are unhappy and unsafe. As Islamic militants continue their murderous advance across Iraq, they have a new target in their sights: the city of Baquba, less than 40 miles north of Baghdad. The Baquba officials told CNN that ISIS is moving in on the western side of Baquba and that villages just west of the city, as well as some areas in western Baquba, are under ISIS control. Some families, mainly Shiite, are fleeing that side of the city, the officials said. The residents there are moving deeper into Baquba or leaving the city altogether to escape the looming violence.

Heavy clashes between Iraqi security forces and ISIS militants ensued, leaving at least one Iraqi security force member and nine militants dead, according to the Baquba officials.At least 44 prisoners in the jail at the Al Wahda police station were also killed, though there were conflicting reports as to how. Two police officials in Baquba told CNN the prisoners were killed after ISIS militants fired four mortar rounds on the prison. But a health official and a police official claimed that most of the prisoners were shot in the head and chest, and that none showed signs of having been killed in explosions.

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