Nobody Can Replace The Real Heroes Vaikundarajan Take On The Nike Football Ad

Nike Ad
Football, a fever that every individual has and the best part is that this fever is enjoyed by everybody. The stereotypical thought that football is only for boys has changed in today’s time. This game is not only enjoyed by men but also by children and even women. “It is very obvious that the master of the trade know all the tricks and tactics to achieve success in his field. This same thought is applied in the field of football as well. Nobody can replace these Real Heroes” says S Vaikundarajan expressing his love and respect for the game and the players.

This thought came to his mind after he saw the latest Nike Ad “Nike Football: The Last Game Ft. Ronaldo, Neymar Jr. Rooney, Zlatan, Iniesta & more”. The thought behind this ad has been beautifully conceptualized by the company. The ad begins with how the kids in a locality play in the same way as the real players play on football ground. Later the scene changes to a comparison mode where a mad talks about how risk averted is this game when played by human beings and to do away with this issue he has created clones of the players, where the winning rate is high.  But this was not accepted by the real players, so they challenged the clones for a match and won the game. This clear proves that the masters in this field and no one can mess with them.

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