A Turbulent Start To The Budget Session - Vaikundarajan

It is the first major Parliamentary session for Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government which started quite an unsettled note with the opposition creating a huge hue and cry over the current price rise and railway fare hike. Vaikundarajan says, this caused for the adjournment of the Lok Sabha briefly till noon and again till 2 PM. This session of the Lok Sabha was chaired by the speaker, Sumitra Mahajan. Parliamentary Affairs Minister Venkaish Naidu has said that the government is ready for discussion on any issues and has also appealed to the Opposition to “cooperate” to ensure that the decorum and dignity of Parliament is maintained and the dignity of the House business was carried out smoothly.

Vaikundarajan feels quite positive about the entire budget and thinks that the future is really bright for the Indian economy. As per Vaikundarajan, certain things need to be thought about while planning for the budget of a country like India and it will be better if things are carried out smoothly without any issues. India has been going through a lot in the past and now there is no room for any kind of mistakes. The government should make sure that the budget looks into the needs of every aspect of the society.

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