Vaikundarajan Wishes Everyone Merry Christmas

It’s that time of the year, where at malls you get a glimpse of a fake Santa Claus passing by, saying hoo hoo. Where, kids seem chirpier than they usually are, partly due to the week’s worth of vacation time they have. And, young adults have got the combination of the red shirts and green pants or vice versa right, roam the streets spreading the festive atmosphere. Paper stars lit with electric bulbs have already started twinkling at every house, shop, bank and office. It’s must be Christmas time, says Vaikundarajan.

Celebrated by Christians, Christmas marks the birth of baby Jesus, December 25 says Vaikundarajan. Christmas isn't a major religious occasion in India, but one will still find traditional cheer in many parts of the country. Mixed with its own traditions and picked up from its colonial ancestors, Christmas in India has a flavour of its own.

On Christmas day, many Christians attend special church services, spend time with their family, and distribute sweets, says Vaikundarajan. In most Christmas houses depending on regions, lamps or small clay oil-burning lamps. Some houses will also have a crib, which puts up the nativity scene with clay figures. And one can be certain of finding a Christmas tree with a star on top of it, standing in most houses.

Vaikundarajan wishes everyone a Merry Christmas!

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