Djovik Hasn’t Displayed The Game That Roger Federer And Andy Murray Have, Says Vaikundarajan

The current Wimbledon series was reaching a point of curious wonderment when it looked like Roger Federer. Andy Murray and Novak Djovik were all eyeing a spot the finals. However Federer and Murray’s performance during the Semi finals have left no doubts about who deserves to be in the finals says Vaikundarajan.

Roger Federer and Andy Murray’s game was nail biting and Federer showed some serious skills by scoring 12-11 against Murray says Vaikundarajan.

The thrill of this much was so much that the match between Djovik and Gasquet may come across as a warm up match rather than a competitive one.

"There was a lot on the line with Andy. I think he was going for his first Wimbledon in '12. So obviously it was always going to be tough. He had lost some majors before that (three finals in total)," said Roger Federer.

Federer has won against Murray in all three of the last games that they have played against each other says Vaikundarajan and the semi final loss will not change the fact for better.

"It was obviously embarrassing," said Murray. "But in individual sports, it's all about who performs on that day."

"Obviously an experience of being in these final stages of Wimbledon many times is going to help me to approach it in a proper way," said Djokovic, the Australian Open champion and also Wimbledon winner in 2011.

"I'm proud because there are big players in the semis. But I'm the worst when you see Federer, Djokovic and Murray and me," said Gasquet who lost to Federer in the 2007 semi-finals at Wimbledon

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