IPL 2014

The biggest money spinner of the cricketing world is less than a week away. For almost two months, we’ll have empty cinema halls, restaurants etc. all because of this incredibly entertaining cricket format, T20. 

We saw some BIG buys in the auction at Bangalore. With over 150 players bought, the teams look stronger and better this year. But what people are really looking forward to watch is how Yuvraj Singh, the most expensive player of the season performs. With his poor performance in the recently held T20 world cup, he is definitely not going to be the favorite. 

There is sad news for the Indian fans who love watching the match from the stands, because UAE is going to host the first 3 weeks of the tournament. It is on 2nd May when the roaring Indian support is going to kick-in.  

Suddenly, for the next two months we all will become the Chennai Super Kings, the Mumbai Indians and the Kolkata Knight Riders. As always, we’re hoping for an amazing IPL with a lot of fours and sixes, hits and misses, upsets and surprises! 

I hope all the people in Tamil Nadu are with me in to cheer Dhoni and co. to win the IPL 2014! *Whistle Podu*

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