Preferred Public Transport Mode in Chennai

Chennai is the first city where railways were introduced by the British Government in our nation. It was also the first city to have electric trams in India. Since the end of 19th Century, Trams have been existent in the city for over 67 years. The local transport scenario today is also very impressive. Chennai has buses, taxis, auto rickshaws and the suburban railway network around the city as chief modes of transport.

Out of all, buses seem to be the most preferred mode of transport in Chennai. Because of its well distributed network and feasible rates it is ideal for everyone. However, the buses are most often over crowded. The bus service in Chennai is managed by the Metropolitan Transport Corporation.

After bus, a layman from Chennai, would probably opt for auto rickshaws, they are cheap for short distances and are present everywhere. The sharing autos prove to be a very convenient and cheaper mode to travel small distances. But, for a larger distance auto rickshaw deems to be a little expensive.

For long distances, however, the suburban railway network is the best option. The network is not convenient for all the places in Chennai, but provided access between Chennai Beach and Tambaram. 
In some parts of North Chennai cycle rickshaws are also a very prevalent mode of transport.

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