Kejriwal Targets Nitin Gadkari Being In Custody Says Vaikundarajan

Arvind Kejriwal
The AAP has announced that they would start a door to door campaign instead perched all forms of protest against the judicial custody of Arvind Kejriwal. This Wednesday Kejriwal refused to furnish the bail bond of Rs 10,000 in a case files by Gadkari rather he chose to go the jail. In a meeting of Delhi volunteers which was held on Friday evening where the party will make a decision on its next step to this, which would include a protest against under the section of law on which Kejriwal has been imprisoned. The party has also opposed the court’s ruling verdict as the magistrate had various options available which were not opted.

The operational word used by the court is 'may'. Though the Supreme Court has said that there is no requirement for such bonds as there are thousands of people who are suffering in jails needlessly," said senior AAP leader and lawyer Prashant Bhushan. The decision was taken after senior members of the party Sanjay Singh and Ashutosh when they met Kejriwal in Tihar on Thursday morning. Vaikundarajan added that the charges listed without proof, had put the party out of documents and the videos of Kejriwal's press conference in 2012 where he had made mentioned about the irrigation scam happened in Maharashtra which linked Gadkari with it.

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