Technology Never Lets you Die Says S. Vaikundarajan

Some People have a special space in our lives and when they leave we remember them through the good times that we all have spent. But the time is changing and every change comes with a unique twist. People come and they go and the good times are cherished, but the unique twist is that these memories can now be seen to everyone. As rightly said by S.Vaikundarajan that “Technology never lets you die”, he has given a lot of importance to technology. Today everything and anything can become 3 Dimensional. The best example given by his was that of Michael Jackson’s hologram. A hologram is a 3 Dimensional image created through photographic projections.

The hologram of Michael Jackson stole the show at the Billboard Music awards 2014 which took place in Las Vegas. A computer-generated performance of the King of Pop dancing and singing a new song, Slave to the Rhythm, off his posthumous album Xscape prompted an emotional standing ovation from the crowd. This album, which was released on May 2, has all his unrecorded songs between 1989 & 1999. This did steal the show and proved that that technology is the king of all.

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