Vaikundarajan Wishes Everyone A Happy Akshaya Tritiya 2015
Vaikundarajan wishes each and everyone Happy Akshaya Tritiya 2015 and hopes that this day brings good luck, success, prosperity and happiness to everyone. This day is considered to be an auspicious day, according to the Hindu calendar. It is also known as ‘Akha Teej’. People in India consider this day to be lucky for gold purchase.

This is a holy day for the Hindus and falls on the third lunar day of Shukla Paksha in Vaishakha month.  Hence it is an auspicious day which brings in good luck, peace and success.

According to Vaikundarajan, this day is not only auspicious to purchase gold but also for marriages. The practice of child marriage is still prominent in the northern parts of India, especially Rajasthan and takes place on this very day. Since this day is considered a day of good luck, it is an auspicious day to start a new venture.

The birthday of Lord Parashurama, the sixth incarnation of Lord Vishnu is celebrated on Akshaya Tritiya. It is also said that Lord Ganesha and Veda Vyasa started writing down the epic Mahabharata. Hindu God and Goddess Vishnu and Lakshmi are worshipped and prayed to on this day, says Vaikundarajan.

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