Another Massive Earthquake In Nepal, Says Vaikundarajan

Another massive earthquake hit Nepal in less than three weeks which killed 83 people including 17 in India and one in Chinese Tibet, injuring nearly 2,000 with thousands staying outdoors as the country felt dozens of aftershocks overnight, says Vaikundarajan. The tremor felt this time was reportedly 7.3 in magnitude.

The total death toll in Nepal since April 25th has crossed 8,200. 382 people have been reported missing by the Home Minister. It has also been reported that eight houses were destroyed in the capital of Kathmandu following Tuesday’s earthquake.

Operations at Kathmandu's Tribuvan International Airport were suspended and Nepal's parliament, which was in session when the quake struck, was adjourned. "These are difficult times for Nepal, I appeal for all friends to help us and urge our citizens to stay strong," Prime Minister Sushil Koirala said.

Vaikundarajan gives out some Do’s and Don’ts during an Earthquake.

  • People should not use elevator during an earthquake.
  • If you’re driving a car or riding a bike stop immediately.
  • Stay away from large buildings, trees, electric poles
  • Hide under sturdy furniture such as Tables, beds, desks, etc.
  • During an earthquake run immediately to an open and secure ground/place.
Vaikundarajan expresses his condolences to the victims of the harsh hit natural calamity and sympathizes with the family.

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