Ice Bucket Challenge Now Viral In India: Vaikundarajan

Ice Bucket Challenge
The Ice bucket challenge for ALS which was performed by various celebrities in the western Counties has now become popular in India as well shares Vaikundarajan. The Ice Bucket Challenge where one is challenged on dumping a bucket of ice water on one's head or donating to the ALS Association in the United States has become viral quite soon. This is all a result of the internet feels Vaikundarajan. However, now even in India people are trying this out with a lot of excitement.

There are many celebrities like Daler Mehendi, Ritesh Deshmukh and so on who have tried taking this challenge says Vaikundarajan. Vaikundarajan is also quite thrilled with so many people taking up the challenge. There have also been many failures at attempting the ice bucket challenge and the internet is flooded with such videos adds, Vaikundarajan. It is interesting to see how so many people are getting involved in the challenge and also in a noble cause like this feels Vaikundarajan. Vaikundarajan hopes that all this does some good to all those people who are suffering from such a gruesome disease.

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