Vaikundarajan Expresses Uncertainty Over Smriti Irani’s Yale Degree

Smriti Irani
The controversy over HRD minister, Smriti Irani’s educational qualification has been going on right since the time she was appointed a minister and it has taken a new turn of late. Smriti Irani asserts that she has a degree from Yale University shares Vaikundarajan. Smriti Irani did not explain what the Yale degree was pertaining to, but she was part of a group of Indian MPs who took a crash course at the Yale University. She said this when she was pushed by a questioner at a summit in Delhi adds Vaikundarajan.

Smriti Irani is upset with the fact that people consider her to be illiterate and unfit for the designation that she hold in the cabinet and therefore, she goes on to say that these are ways by which people are trying to deviate her from her goals. Vaikundarajan however, expresses uncertainty over this as he feels that earlier also such issues have come up regarding Smriti Irani goofing up her affidavit certificates. Vaikundarajan also feels that though educational qualifications do not matter to that extent but, a minister having such a reputation is not justified. Vaikundarajan feels that there needs to be more clarity on this matter

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